Welcome to Hotel Šumadija by Prote.in

We are very pleased to inform our current and future guests that we reopened Hotel Šumadija on 1st of July 2021, under his recognizable name.
Hotel Šumadija has become an official partner of the restaurants ,,Prote.In" which, thanks to their team’s many years of experience, will significantly contribute the quality of hotel service and make the stay of our guests extremely pleasant.
Kosutnjak park & forest is one of Belgrade’s biggest green zone, just a few minutes from our Hotel. Hilly terrain and designated trails can be equally fun and attractive for hiking, biking, running or simply enjoying in fresh air and calming view on the pure nature.
The Ada Ciganlija Lake, with its 6km long beaches, is the largest open Swimming area in  Serbia. It offeres over 30 addittional activities such as: Golfing, Aqua Ski, Budgie Jumping, Football, Sand Wolleball, Roller Skating, Cycling, Fishing, Kayaking and many more.
Hippodrome Belgrade is the oldest sports facility in Belgrade. In December 1921. the first gallop Derby race and the first City of Belgrade race were held here and since then, they have become traditional. When staying in hotel Šumadija by Prote.in take a 10 minute walk to this wonderfull place and become a part of this tradition.
You can even go shopping!
There is newly opened Ada Mall just few minutes away from hotel, with sports shops, jewelry shops, beauty shops, footwear, toy stores, restaurants and cinema.

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